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​Definition:  Agreement between two or more companies to act together when submitting

                  a bid, quote, or proposal.

For small to mid-sized companies, teaming has become an integral sales strategy.  Team arrangements are desirable from both a Government and industry standpoint when the companies involved complement each other's unique capabilities and offer clients the best combination of performance, cost, and delivery for the products and services being offered.

How Does Teaming Differ From Subcontracting?
In a prime contractor/sub contractor arrangement, the prime contractor interacts with the Government agency regarding contract matters, and has responsibility for performance.  The prime contractor is paid by the Government, and is responsible for paying its subcontractors. 

A teaming agreement may be a precursor to a subcontracting agreement, allowing two companies to write a proposal together specifying that, if the team should win the award, one will serve as a subcontractor to the other. 

The Contractor Teaming Arrangement (CTA)
The CTA is a legal document spelling out responsibilities of each partner and will often designate a particular partner as "team lead" for each phase of performance.

​Tew Equipment recognizes the tremendous benefit that teaming arrangements can bring to their business.  If you are interested in teaming up for a Government or large scale project, contact us at (704) 573-5476 to discuss.