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Greywater Usage

Conserve water by storing greywater for additional use.

Water conservation systems can dramatically impact the bottom line for any business or government entity.  Greywater containment systems can be adapted to any size building and recycle previously-used water for irrigation or for flushing restroom equipment.  

Greywater conservation is being used effectively at universities and public schools, restaurants, transportation facilities, banks, camps, grocery stores, housing developments, government buildings, resorts, farms, convenience stores with quick serve restaurants and many more facilities. Almost every facility has greywater to recycle.

Tew Equipment offers products from four manufacturers for waste collection systems: Xerxes Corporation, Modern Welding, Oldcastle and Assmann.  Emco Wheaton provides tank fittings. Tanks are available in carbon steel, fiberglass, polyethylene or concrete and can be aboveground or underground. 

Xerxes equipment qualifies for points under the U.S. Green Building Council’s sustainable energy, water conservation LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) programs.